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End the Frustration with your Reading Glasses –        Introducing - “Near Vision CK”

Safe. The only FDA – approved technology used to improve near vision in those over 40.

Fast and easy. Takes 3 – 5 minutes and is virtually painless.
No cutting. Helps minimize side effects and speed recovery.
Convenient. Your doctor performs the procedure as an out Patient surgery.

Near Vision CK:


Near Vision CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) is a procedure developed specifically for people who have crossed 40 years and who have had clear vision all their life, but now struggle to see their reading glasses.


It seems to happen overnight. You suddenly can’t read a menu, see your alarm clock or review cricket scores on your news paper. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Millions of people like you losing their near vision as part of the natural aging process.

Why the loss of near vision with age?

When we turn 40, our eyes begin losing their ability to easily focus on near objects.  This can be the result of two different conditions:


PRESBYOPIA: In this condition the lens in the eyes loses flexibility because of age.  This causes problems in the way our eyes focus light Most people over the age of 40 and everyone the age of 50 suffer from this condition.


FARSIGHTEDNESS (HYPEROPIA): The surface of the eye (Cornea) is too flat, changing the way our eye focuses light.  Young eyes are often strong enough to compensate, which is why it may only be a problem after age 40.


Near Vision CK Procedure


Near Vision CK is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that involves no cutting of your cornea. It’s performed using a State of Art CK System, the only FDA – approved technology for the improvement of near Vision. This makes it an ideal procedure for people over 40, for whom safety is often the most important factor in their decision to undergo a vision correction procedure. This can also correct the near vision difficulty faced by people who have undergone bilateral cataract surgery with Intraocular Lens Implants.


It’s an exciting advancement in vision correction because it is a simple, painless procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy.

How Near Vision CK Works

CK can change how the eye focuses light by reshaping the surface of your eye (Cornea) When the shape is changed, light can be refocused on the correct part of your eye (Retina). To produce this reshaping, CK Uses the controlled release of RF energy on the corneal tissue. This steepens the cornea and allows light to properly focus on the retina again, improving near vision.

The RF energy is gently applied to your eye in a circular pattern, avoiding your pupil entirely. The points form a ring of tightening (Like a belt) that steepens your cornea.


Risks and complications

Near Vision CK is associated with a minimal amount of surgery related complications. Some people who have had CK have experienced some discomfiture in their vision for a few days after the procedure. Although these risks are relatively rare, they should be taken into consideration by anyone considering the Near Vision CK procedure.


A normal eye focuses light directly on the back surface of the eye (Retina) to enable clear vision. Hyperopic and Presbyopic eyes are unable to achieve this correct focus on near objects and sometimes objects in the dist


Numbing (Anesthetic) eye drops are applied Hair – thin Keratoplast TM Tip is used to apply RF energy in predetermined spots.


After the procedures, you may wear dark glasses. There is generally no need to wear a patch. As with other vision correction procedures, you will probably experience some discomfort and light sensitivity for few days. You can resume your work in a day or two.

Some temporary side effects:
Glare, Halos, Tearing, Discomfort and / or foreign body sensation.
Near Vision CK: Ask for it by name

If you are experiencing problems with your near vision, talk to your doctor and get a full eye examination. The Doctor can determine your specific vision problem, do a preliminary examination and advise whether Near Vision CK is right for you. Imagine turning back the clock on your vision to a time when you could read a menu or work on a computer without the hassle or reading glasses.




Waking up each morning with normal vision. No hunting for glasses. No hassle cleaning your contacts. Playing your favorite sport without a strap on your glasses because now you don't need glasses. Being able to go swimming and still see what's going on. Putting your makeup on without a magnifying mirror, and knowing exactly how it looks.


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