Read the opinions of other people who have chosen Laser Vision Correction:

"The results were better than I ever expected. My vision now - I believe it's better than it's ever been. I never saw this clearly, not with my glasses and not with my contact lenses. I couldn't be happier with it." - Mrs.Vimala, Beauty Therapist. Chennai.

"As a Computer Professional , I would and have recommended laser vision correction to others in my field. I am happy to have improved my vision." - R.Subramaniam, Bangalore.

"It's the best thing I've ever done. I was just on vacation, and I was able to go swimming and really do a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have been able to do as easily with glasses or contacts." - Mr.Anand Raj. Engineering Student.

"Now I wear no correction. No matter when I'm up and around, I see clearly. I can't believe how wonderful and free that part of my life has been." - Mr.Sivaraman.K. Director of a private firm.

"After 33 years of wearing glasses, it's like having new eyes. It truly is a miracle; I can see! Now, I'm more confident in my appearance. I even lost 20 kgs." - Mrs. Geetha Sundram, House wife.

"I could read every Number plate and signs on the road. I realised I was a kid again. I am 41 years old and haven't seen this well since I was 6." - Mr.Veeraraghavan, Teacher.

Did you know that Tiger Woods had LASIK?

The 24-year-old World No:1 professional golfer used to wear contact lenses. But after laser vision correction last October, he was able to play without contacts the following month, winning his fourth consecutive PGA tournament. That was eight PGA wins for 1999, yielding $6.6 million in earnings - his best year yet.Woods experienced what many people do after undergoing LASIK fornearsightedness: "My images are bigger," he was quoted in a Nov. 8 USA Today article. "It was very difficult for me to hit long putts, for instance, or to read slopes."With good vision being such an important part of his performance on the golf course, LASIK was a big step for Woods, and it paid off.